New Cowboy 97s are available

23. February, 2015


Classic Old West Arms has a limited number of Cowboy 97’s.
These shotguns are great right out of the box.

To answer some of the questions that have been asked.

1. Yes, these slam fire just like the originals.

2. Yes, you can get them with choke tubes but it will be an “aftermarket” addition. Gun will have to be sent to a gunsmith that does this work and time frame and cost will be determined by that gunsmith.

3. LOP is approximately 14″

4. Barrel length is 20″

What is the “Double Cocker” do?

The Double cocker invention allows the hammer to not drag on the bottom of the bolt, like all Winchesters and earlier IAC models did. The Double Cocker is the secret that makes these new guns so smooth and not need action work.

Has anyone shot this gun?

As the video shows, I have shot the gun and put about a box of shells thru it. It works smooth and easy, even with cold hands in minus zero weather it worked and ejected very well.

If you look closely at the pictures you will see that the barrel is stamped “model 97″ on the left side rear. The action slide arm is not stamped at all, the ejection port is a 97 port. There is no stamping at all regarding the 93.

To quote Coyote Cap’s website:

“We are NO LONGER sold out of the best pump shotgun CAS has ever seen. That gun was the M-97wcse-18 model and no more will be built. However, we have secured a good number of the I.A.C. M-97w-20st (Standard) and the M-97w-20 pc (Period Correct). The PC is simply an M-93/97w-20 without the cut-out.

All of the newly produced I.A.C. M-97w-20 shotguns have all the internal upgrades of our wcse models, to include coil spring operated left extractors. The only difference is the shorter (thicker) heavy duty barrel of the wcse models, (3) choke tubes, shorter buttstock (turned down for CAS) and a Pachmayr recoil pad.”

As you can see the two models referred to are the PC (Period Correct) and the Standard. These may or may not be available from Cap, you will have to contact him to find out. But I think this is what has 40 Chev asking the question.

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