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SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONCERNING THE CB 97’s.  You probably know that IAC has started selling additional CB97’s from their web site.   Coyote Cap assisted in the design of these guns. As a representative for IAC he has made many trips to China to aide in the design and manufacture of the 97’s. Here is a comment from Coyote Cap regarding the CB97’s.

“Upon arrival in the U.S., for quality control sake, we find it necessary to check each and every one of those guns before shipment.

We don’t have to tear every one of them down, but we did have to upgrade mainsprings and titanium firing pins, intercept bars and early carrier timing on some of them.

Historically, the Chinese have a problem in throwing away defective parts and that is the reason you need to make sure you are getting one that has been checked over by Coyote Cap. If his name and the serial number of the action upgrade is not engraved on the left side of the bolt, you are not getting a properly checked and upgraded shotgun.”

This is the slickest 97 ever out of the box.  As you look at the pictures you can see it has not been “polished”. Bolt, carrier and internals are all stock blue. Only wear is on magazine tube where action has been worked, this is a demo model and that is why there is mag wear marks. These guns come with added safety features such as the double cocker, spring loaded firing pin, performance enhancements include profiled mainsprings, profiled hammers, improved left extractors. In the looks department the addition of USA Walnut stocks and forearms really set these guns apart from previous fake wood editions. Action is two finger smooth, there is a short video that shows how well it ejects with only two fingers working the action, if you use you whole hand as you would in a match, you might knock down the person standing next to you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I’ll be happy to try to answer them.

IAC Cowboy 97
IN STOCK ready to ship, IAC Cowboy 1897 12 gauge shotgun. 100% legal for all CAS shooting events and set up for Wild Bunch to load 6 in the mag tube. These 97's have all been gone thru and checked for updates or timing issues and any required modifications are done. A very smooth 97 that doesn't need additional action work. Here are some features that make them soooo smooth. The Double cocker invention allows the hammer to not drag on the bottom of the bolt, like all Winchesters and earlier IAC models did. The Double Cocker is the secret that makes these new guns so smooth and not need action work. Spring loaded firing pin that will not allow the gun to fire unless cocked all the way back. Modified main springs, tapered to allow easy operation. 2 3/4" chambers that will handle magnum loads. These pictures are of a "Demo" sent to me. They do not represent the gun you will have delivered to you as this one as been shot and action worked by many curious buyers. These are all Metric threads.
Available Qty: 2
Price: $895.00
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