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Please note that prices quoted below do not include any shipping charges, parts, or extended labor for repairs.  Call for more information, 715-758-8380.

Inspection and cleaning, no action work. Includes complete dis-assembly of carrier, bolt, ultra sonic cleaning, ultra sonic hot oil bath (a spa for your 97), inspection of parts. You will be contacted at this point and informed of any parts that need replaced or work required to make it a safe and properly working firearm. You then make the determination of what you want to do.  Fee for this service up to you deciding what else you want to do is $75.00

Action Job, consist of ultra sonic cleaning of all parts, inspection of parts, modifications and polishing, $175.00. Price does not include any replacement parts.

Install Load 6 Modification, $40.00 includes load 6 kit.

Cut Stock at negative angle and add 1″ thick soft rubber butt pad, $70.00

Add Mercury Recoil Suppressor to stock as stand alone installation, $75.00. If done with the above “Cut Stock” modification the Add Mercury Recoil Suppressor price is $65.00

Cut barrel and install new #4 brass bead front sight, $55.00.

Open Forcing Cone, Take down models are $55.00, Solid Frames are are $75.00.

Re-blue, estimated minimum price is $175.00 but firm price can’t be given until I see condition of metal. Bead Blasting is an option for rougher metal finishes.

JEWELING:  work quoted upon request.










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