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IAC 1887 Lever Action Shotgun SN 0602851Type:  Lever
Gauge:  12

Serial #:  0602851

Condition of Bore:  Smooth and shiny, very small amount of what appears to be plastic from the wads in front of chamber.
Action:  Forcing Cone is opened, action appears to be stock.
Barrel Length:  20″, 2 3/4″ chamber
Condition of Metal:  Very Nice, no scratches or blue wear
Condition of Stock:  Very Good, no cracks but has a few very minor scratches on left side of stock
Condition of Forearm:  Very Good

Additional Information:  I am not the original owner of this 87 so I am selling it as used. Gun is in excellent condition. Forcing cone was opened on it, action is stock and no gun smith marks on it anywhere.

IAC 1887 SN0602851 002IAC 1887 SN0602851 003IAC 1887 SN0602851 004IAC 1887 SN0602851 005
IAC 1887 SN0602851 006IAC 1887 SN0602851 007IAC 1887 SN0602851 008IAC 1887 SN0602851 009
IAC 1887 Lever Action Shotgun SN 0602851

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