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IAC 1897 SN 0601861
IAC "regular" 1897. This is NOT a cowboy model. It has the 06 serial number prefix. Real wood with a new Stiles replacement stock with checkering. The original stock had been cut down so I replaced it. This gun will out perform the new "out of the box" Cowboy 97's. It has action work done, will load 6 for wild bunch, ejects really well, doesn't jam, feeds from mag tube, cycles and extracts. 20" barrel, 2 3/4" chamber, front sight. This gun was designed to handle magnum loads. Has one rough spot on bottom of forearm wood as shown in pics, but no cracks, splits, or chips. Price is $475.00 plus shipping and insurance via FedEx Ground of $25.00.
IAC 1897 SN 080300
IAC Model 1897 (not the Cowboy Model) 12 Gauge, Cyl Bore, 20" Barrel, Choke Tubes Installed, Comes with 2 Hastings True Chokes. Bore is smooth and shiny. Action is stock but cycles and ejects well. The gun could be smoothed out some but is not bad the way it is. It has a catch when the action slide is pulled back. Mag tube holds 6 rounds. Metal is like new with the only wear mark being on the mag tube. Wood is very good with two minor scratches/chips in the finish of the stock. This stock has the IAC black plastic checkered butt plate. Serial number is an 08, one of the better ones made. No original box or papers. Price to get choke tubes installed is about a $200.00 process. With the choke tubes this 97 allows for many more shooting venues other than Cowboy Action. Change the tube and use it for skeet, trap, sporting clays and hunting. With the load 6 ability it is also ready for CAS Wild Bunch. The price on this gun, as described above, with the choke tubes, is $675.00 delivered to your FFL, (not C&R eligible). If you want the action smoothed we can discuss it at the time of sale.
IAC 97 Cowboy Convertible
IAC 97 Cowboy Convertible
Here is a way to get a trench gun for wild bunch and still have a regular 97 for cowboy shooting. I call it the "Cowboy Convertible". You purchase a trench gun, shown in the top picture. It comes with a heat shield/bayonet lug attached. It will hold 6 in the mag tube. It will have an action job. It is ready to shoot Wild Bunch. You now want to shoot regular Cowboy stages without the heat shield/bayonet lug. Simply remove the three screws holding the heat shield on and slide it off the end of the barrel. Slide the barrel band onto the barrel and over the pin on the end of the mag tube. Install the locking screw and front sight (optional if you don't want it on) and you have a 97 ready for regular Cowboy stages. These are not the new CB97's but later model IAC 97's. The trench gun comes with a packet that includes the regular barrel band, screw, and front sight. Shipping to your FFL is $40.00 (additional charge is due to extra weight)
IAC 97 SN0401111 **SOLD**
Type: 1897 PumpIAC 0401111 001 Gauge: 12 Serial #: 0401111 $750.00 Condition of Bore: Factory New Action: Action smooth and crisp. Feeds, cycles, extracts, ejects very well. Barrel Length: 20 " with 2 3/4" Chamber Condition of Metal: Excellent, HARD CHROMED Condition of Stock: Excellent, new, no scratches, cracks, dings or dents. ***HIGH GRADE WOOD*** Condition of Forearm: Excellent, ***HIGH GRADE*** Additional Information: IAC model 1897, older model, has action work done, very smooth gun. Loads 6 in the mag tube so it is ready for Wild Bunch. Gun has been hard chromed and the only wear marks are on the mag tube. Has really nice high grade stock and forearm.
IAC Cowboy 1897 in Brushed Hard Chrome Finish
Make: IAC Cowboy Model 1897 in BRUSHED HARD CHROME FINISH THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. CHECK WITH ME FROM TIME TO TIME FOR AVAILABILITY AND PRICE AS I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO LOCATED AND PURCHASE THE CB97 IN BLUE FROM TIME TO TIME AND THEN HARD CHROME THEM. 12 gauge, 20" CYL choke barrel, 2 3/4" chambers, new modern steel will handle magnum loads, ideal for Cowboy Action Shooting, Home Defense, or Target shooting. These guns have been gone thru and include all updates and modifications including timing and extraction/ejection tuning. Magazine tube will hold 6 rounds. All come with excellent American walnut wood with oil finish. The gun in these pictures is representative of the one you will get. Please allow 5 to 7 weeks for delivery.
IAC Cowboy 1897 Wild Bunch Special
IAC Cowboy 1897 Wild Bunch Special THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. CHECK WITH ME FROM TIME TO TIME FOR AVAILABILITY AS I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO LOCATE A FEW CB97'S THAT I CAN USE TO MAKE THIS GUN. This is the new IAC Cowboy Special that has been set up for WILD BUNCH and can be used for other CAS catagories. 20" Barrel, CYL choke, 2 3/4" chamber. Built with strong modern steel that allows for magnum loads. CNC machined parts. Chambers pressure tested by White Laboratories in Chicago to 45.000 pounds. Includes updates, and timing adjustments to ensure fast and smooth action. The gun also includes a Wild Bodie Tom load 6 modification kit with aluminum follower as well as a "Sure Grip" checkered forearm. No worries about your hand sliding on the forearm in the summer when shooting 6 rounds at a time. The forearm and stock are oil finished American walnut.
IAC Cowboy 97
IN STOCK ready to ship, IAC Cowboy 1897 12 gauge shotgun. 100% legal for all CAS shooting events and set up for Wild Bunch to load 6 in the mag tube. These 97's have all been gone thru and checked for updates or timing issues and any required modifications are done. A very smooth 97 that doesn't need additional action work. Here are some features that make them soooo smooth. The Double cocker invention allows the hammer to not drag on the bottom of the bolt, like all Winchesters and earlier IAC models did. The Double Cocker is the secret that makes these new guns so smooth and not need action work. Spring loaded firing pin that will not allow the gun to fire unless cocked all the way back. Modified main springs, tapered to allow easy operation. 2 3/4" chambers that will handle magnum loads. These pictures are of a "Demo" sent to me. They do not represent the gun you will have delivered to you as this one as been shot and action worked by many curious buyers. These are all Metric threads.
IAC Model 1897 SN 06-04607
IAC Model 1897, SN: 06-04607, like new in original box, good action. The gun iin the photos is not the same gun but very representative of the serial numbered gun listed here. Shipping to your FFL is $35.00.
Norinco 1897 SN 0103844
Norinco Model 1897 12 guage, 20" Cyl choke barrel, smooth shiny bore, brass bead sight. This gun has the Coyote Cap action work already done, his signature Norinco 1897 SN 0103844and action number is etched on the right rear of the bolt. Also has the jeweled carrier, shell flag, bolt, trigger, and hammer. This gun not only looks good it is very smooth and fast and ready for the range. Metal is very good with only a minor scratch less than a quarter of an inch long by the ejector spring, very little wear on mag tube, Stock is like new with no marks at all. Forearm is the new "Sure Grip" checkered walnut, helps keep your hand from slipping while working the action. Price is $675.00 delivered to your FFL, (not C&R eligible).

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