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When trying to get your lady or youth2651 to shoot with you there are some important considerations and modifications that should be implemented before handing the 97 to either of them.  Something that gets lost is the fact that the 97’s were made primarily for hunting,  and shooting a lot of water foul and other flying game.

If you place the butt stock to your shoulder and aim the gun in the air you will notice that the butt plate rests comfortably touching most of your shoulder with the flat portion of the butt plate.  While holding the gun to your shoulder, aim it down to the ground, where most of our CAS shotgun targets are located.  Now feel the butt plate and notice that only the bottom heel is against your body.  That sharp point will give the shooter quite a jab when fired.  For those that don’t know, ladies have a different anatomy just about where the heel of the butt plate will dig in.  It hurts!

Most males can shoot about any 97 since their arms are a little longer.  Lady and youth shooters fall short in the long arms catagory.  With the longer arms the shooter can comfortably push the pump action all the way forward locking it into battery.  A shorter armed lady or youth usually struggle with getting it that last inch and locked into battery.  The solutions is GUY’S, DON’T GIVE YOUR 97 TO A LADY OR YOUTH SHOOTER!

If you want to keep the lady and youths shooting with you it is imperative that the 97 be set up for the lady or youth.  Here are the items that will set the gun up of them and keep them from flinching and not shoot with you.

1. Measure stock for correct length of pull for the lady or youth

2. Cut the stock an inch shorter than the measured lop so there is room to add a 1″ thick soft rubber butt pad

3. Cut the stock at an angle so that the bottom is at least one half inch shorter than the top, might need to go to three quarters of an inch.

4. Open the forcing cone

5. Install a recoil suppressor in the butt stock

6. Get an action job on the gun so they can work it smoothly

7. Load some 7/8’s shot shells for them

8. Cut the barrel to 20″ and add a new #4 brass bead sight

9. Show them the different methods of loading a 97, don’t insist they do it the same way you do, and keep it simple.  They are not ready to pull 6 shells in two hands and pick up the gun and load it.  Start with loading one at a time into the receiver and as they get comfortable and more confident let them opt between some of the other loading techniques.

I have set up many 97’s in this manner and have never had one returned because it kicked too much.  Matter of fact one lady called back and ordered a second one set up the same way so she had a back up.

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