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Norinco Model 1897

12 guage, 20″ Cyl choke barrel, smooth shiny bore, brass bead sight.

This gun has the Coyote Cap action work already done, his signature Norinco 1897 SN 0103844and action number is etched on the right rear of the bolt. Also has the jeweled carrier, shell flag, bolt, trigger, and hammer.  This gun not only looks good it is very smooth and fast and ready for the range.

Metal is very good with only a minor scratch less than a quarter of an inch long by the ejector spring, very little wear on mag tube, Stock is like new with no marks at all. Forearm is the new “Sure Grip” checkered walnut, helps keep your hand from slipping while working the action.

Price is $675.00 delivered to your FFL, (not C&R eligible).

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