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OG Leather 005Outlaw Gambler’s (mine) rig.  Made of double 6-8 oz leather that holds it shape very well. This rig is a right hand strong and cross draw.  Features lots of bling, spots, concho’s, stamping and contrasting sewing thread.  The holsters were wet molded for the new model ruger vaquero.  Belt is made with removable billets so it is easy and CHEAP to shorten or lengthen the overall measurements.  I just hate it when stored for the winter it shrinks and can’t be salvaged without being replaced.No cookie cutter rigs here.  Call to discuss what you want your rig to consist of and how you want it to work.  Many options to choose from including holster style, belt design, stamping, etc. The starting price for a rig like this, without all the spots and bling is $350.00.

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