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I specialize in original Winchester 1897’s. I have a very good selection as I am always buying and selling. When you buy a 97 from me you have my personal guarantee that if it is not as I say, I will take it back and refund your money minus the shipping charge. All of the 97’s I have for sale have been gone through to ensure proper and safe working order.  Actions jobs are already done on some 97’s so there is no waiting, you can get it here immediately and take them directly to the range.

I have solid frames, take downs, long and short barrels, original finish and re-blue, original wood and replacement wood, original actions or action jobs. I can match a 97 to what you are looking for.

I specialize in setting up 97’s for lady and youth shooters.  If you want your lady friend/spouse to quit shooting with you just have her shoot your 97 without the modifications. A 97, of all the required guns, is the most important one to have fit to the lady/youth shooters. The stock should be cut to fit their lop, then cut at a negative angle, install a one inch thick soft rubber butt pad, open the forcing cone, cut the barrel and add new sight, install a recoil suppressor, do and action job so they can work the action.

I also shorten barrels, add front bead sight, open forcing cone, and action work.

I am always looking for decent Original 97s, as well as parts guns, to buy or trade for.   Also buying IAC 97’s, 87’s, and trench guns.

I also sell the IAC replica line of shotguns, including the M 1897, the M1887, and the M 97Trenchgun.

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