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Type:  Solid Frame338022D 001
Gauge:  12

Serial #:  338022
Model Letter:  D
Year of Manufacture:   1907

Condition of Bore: Smooth and Shiny
Action: Smooth action, works well, cycles and ejects very well
Barrel Length:  19″ Stamped “CYL”
Condition of Metal: Very good,
Condition of Stock:  Very good, minor dings and marks, two small cracks on each side of wrist
Condition of Forearm: Very good, no cracks or chips

Additional Information: This 97 used to belong to George A. Carter. How do I know?  His name is marked on the right side of the receiver, very faintly, and that is why it is more shiny there due to someone trying to remove the name.   A real nice D model.

338022D 001338022D 002338022D 003338022D 004
338022D 005338022D 006338022D 007338022D 008
338022D 009338022D 010338022D 011338022D 012


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