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Winchester 1897 SN 836600EType:  Take Dowqn
Gauge:  12

Serial #:  836600
Model Letter:  E
Year of Manufacture:  1936

Condition of Bore: Mirror smooth and very shiney
Action:  Has been polished, extracts and ejects well
Barrel Length:  30 inch Full Choke
Condition of Metal:  Has some rust/pitting on left of receiver
Condition of Stock:  Original, black plastic butt plate, a small crack on each side of wrist.
Condition of Forearm:  Very good, in safe and proper working order

Additional Information:  None

Winchester 1897 SN 836600E836600E 002836600E 003836600E 004
836600E 005836600E 006836600E 007836600E 008
836600E 009836600E 010836600E 011836600E 012
836600E 013


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