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SOLD Winchester 1897 SN 732906
Winchester 1897 SN 732906, Solid Frame, made in 1924, 32" Full Choke. E series, bore smooth and shiny, metal is in good condition but has some marks on it, wood is good but has cracks on both sides of wrist, forearm is very good, black Win logo butt plate, ejects good and action good.
Winchester 1897 Bush Gun SN 75583C
Winchester 1897 Bush Gun 75583C, Take down, 12 gauge, barrel is 26" long with "cyl" stamped on it. Bore is shiny with a FEW Minor spots, metal is turning very nice patina, no rust or pitting, action works as it should, original front bead sight, made in 1900, steel butt plate, forearm has a chip out of right side and stock has a gouge on left side it is not a crack, there are however two small cracks one on each side of the wrist.
Winchester 1897 SN 108397C
Winchester 1897Winchester 1897 SN 108397C Made in 1901, 12 Gauge, Take Down Model, C Series, has the ejector spring not the internal ejector block, metal is a really nice patina, small scratches and marks that you would expect on a 115 year old gun. Stock has smooth steel butt plate, wood is very good with no cracks or splits. Forearm is three screw with one crack on right side. PRICE IS $550 Action is very smooth and ejects well, forcing cone has been opened, mag tube holds five, barrel is 20 1/4" long, has a new brass bead sight, bore has minor pitting with shine. Take down works smooth and easy. Price is $575.00 delivered to your FFL. This once can be shipped to a C&R also.
Winchester 1897 SN 275555D
Winchester 1897, SN 275555, Numbers match, D Series, Take Down Model, 12 Gauge, Bore Smooth and Shiny, Has etched writing on receiver, 30" full choke barrel, Forearm has piece missing but very usable as is, stock is good with the two small cracks on the side, no butt plate, Overall metal is in good condition. Has a rear sight. Action is a little tight but works and ejects very good. Will sell this 97 in one of the two manners listed here. 1. As is, $475.00 delivered 2. With action job, $575.00 delivered If a new forearm is needed, add $65.00 to either of the above prices.
Winchester 1897 SN 338022
Winchester 1897 SN 338022, Solid Frame, D model, made in 1907, 19.5" barrel, stamped "CYL". Bore smooth and shiny, no rust or pitting, nice patina starting, good forearm, stock has minor dings and small cracks on each side of wrist, two filled screw holes on bottom rear like where a sling swivel would have been. New #4 brass bead sight, action is smooth and it cycles as it should, ejects good, original Winchester black plastic butt plate with logo.
Winchester 1897 SN 529688E
Type: Take DownWin 97 SN 529688E 001 Gauge: 12 Serial #: 529688E Model Letter: E Year of Manufacture: 1914 Price is $479.00 Delivered Condition of Bore: Excellent, smooth and shiny Action: Works as it should, safe and proper working order, a little stiff. Barrel Length: 20" Condition of Metal: Good blue with some turning dark grey, has some rust spots on the receiver and a few on the barrel. Condition of Stock: Very good, no cracks, splits or chips. Condition of Forearm: Very good, no cracks, splits or chips. Additional Information: Gun is in good safe condition. Cycles as it should and ejects. Has #4 brass bead sight. Wood has outstanding grain.
Winchester 1897 SN 594921E
Winchester 1897Winchester 1897 SN 594921E Made in 1916, Take down model, E Series, 20" barrel with choke tube installed. Smooth shiny bore, forcing cone opened, Choke tube installed, has rifle sight instead of brass bead, has older re blue with some handling marks, no rust or pitting. Action work has been done, cycles smoothly and ejects well. Receiver has two small holes tapped for scope mount. They do not interfere with the action or safety of the firearm. Stock is very good with one minor split behind trigger guard, and some other handling marks, black plastic Winchester logo butt plate, forearm is very good with no cracks or splits. Take down works well and easy as long as the barrel band screws are loosened to take it apart and tightened after putting together. PRICE IS $525.00 DELIVERED.
Winchester 1897 SN 641322E
Winchester 1897 SN 641322, E Series, Take Down Model, Smooth shiny bore, 20" Full Choke barrel, good metal with very small spots of rust, barrel band and take down extension turning patina, action is very good, cycles as it should and ejects very well. Made in 1918, Numbers match. Wood in very good condition. Price is $650.00 delivered.
Winchester 1897 SN 721996E
Winchester 1897, 12 Gauge, Take Down Model, E Series, SN 721996E, Numbers match, smooth shiny bore, very good metal, older reblue. Wood is good. Gun had a scope mounted on top of receiver, there are four screw holes there but they do not interfere with the action, firing, and most importantly the safety of the gun. Action work good. This gun has a 30" barrel with a choke tube installed. If you buy this gun I will cut the barrel to whatever length you want and add a new #4 brass bead front sight at no extra cost. The action on the gun is very good, ejects well, wood is just about excellent without any cracks, splits, etc. Stock has a very well fit rubber butt pad. Price is $565.00 delivered.
Winchester 1897 SN 836600E
Winchester 1897 SN 836600, E series, take down model, 30" full choke, made in 1936. Good forearm wood, good stock with minor cracks on each side of wrist, butt plate original in good shape, forcing cone opened. Has some rust/pitting on left side of receiver as shown in pics. Bore is smooth and shiny. Action works well, cycles as it should. Main spring has been contoured and action polished.

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