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Some shooters are not willing to shoot an original Winchester 1897, for whatever reason, and that is ok as it is their choice.  If you don’t want to shoot and original but you do want to shoot a 97, you are limited to a replica.

The new IAC Cowboy 1897’s are in stock and are ready to ship. These are the best 97 replica’s to date.  They are smooth, cycle, feed, extract, and eject extremely well. Interstate Arms Corp has outdone themselves with this gun.

A second manufacturing plant came on line and a new line of 97’s was introduced by Interstate Arms Co.  These are some of the best replica 97’s built.  Out of the box most of them are ready to go to the first shoot.  Real walnut wood, tolerances that allowed the smooth operation of the action, and what every shooter wants, dependability.  This improvement in quality can be tied directly to the CNC machining that tightened the tolerances and the focus and attention to detail by the IAC representative and the plant manager.

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